6 Brilliant Ways to Make Extra Cash (without leaving your home)

Looking for supplemental income? Maybe you’re saving for that big vacation or treating yourself to something new for your closet. There are so many ways out there to make extra cash from home! Check out some of these ways you can get some money in your pocket; you’d be surprised how easy it can be.

1. Poshmark

This cell phone app has become a huge hit over the last several years. Shop discounted items for sale including name brands like Louis Vuitton, American Eagle, Kate Spade, and more. Selling is easy: just snap a few photos of the item, write up a description and title, and decide on your price and you’re done! Once your item sells, you’ll receive a shipping label so you can drop it right in your mailbox. Poshmark takes a 20% cut of your sales, so consider this when pricing your items.

2. Sell your furniture with Stress Free Estates

If you have furniture, art, or home accessories laying around that you want to let go of, call Stress Free Estates. You may be able to sell your entire estate or just individual items, we’ll even pick them up. Think you’ve got vintage or upscale home furnishings of value? If you live in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, or Sarasota, this is a great option to quickly get these items off your hands in exchange for cash.

3. AirBnB

Renting out your home with AirBnB can be a great way to make extra cash, especially if you are a snowbird or on vacation. If you’ll be at home , rent out a spare room if you are comfortable sharing your home with a stranger. Though many think the idea is crazy, you can easily make some cash by renting out a vacant space.

4. EatWith

The EatWith mobile app allows chefs from all over the world host their own dinner parties and get paid for it. Guests traveling to a new city or looking for a unique dining experience can pay to eat at your dinner table! 

5. DogVacay

Animal lovers, DogVacay is the perfect option for you to make a few extra bucks in your spare time. Upload a profile and become a dogsitter or dogwalker – from home. 

6. Ibotta

If you’re already buying groceries and everyday house essentials, save your receipts. With the Ibotta app, you can collect rebates for certain items by photographing your receipts. Why not make money on things you’re going to buy no matter what? Once you’ve reached a certain amount of rewards in your account, you can direct deposit them into your bank account.

Making money at home can be surprisingly easy if you know where to start. All you need is a cell phone or laptop to get started. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, part-time employee, or you work from home, there are options for everyone.