Preparing An Older Home For A Quick Sale

If you own or recently inherited an older home and are looking to sell it quickly, there are a few easy things you can do to help speed up the process. Don’t expect a dark, cluttered, outdated home to sell fast; make a few simple changes to get your home ready for the market. Even if you don’t have a large budget to make changes to your home prior to sale, there are many things you can do that don’t cost a dime and can make your home the star of the neighborhood.

sell your home fast

1. Patch any holes in the walls.
If you took down artwork, pictures, or other items from the walls, there may be a myriad of holes in the walls left by nails. Buy some spackle to cover those spots and head to tip #2.

2. A fresh coat of paint does wonders.
If your home’s walls are currently painted in various hues or dark colors, a new coat of paint in some of the main living spaces can make a huge difference. Choose a lighter paint color to make rooms seem bigger and more spacious. For areas you don’t repaint, make sure to wipe them down to remove marks from shoes, dirty fingers, or other obvious stains.

3. Update your yard.
Poor curb appeal can mean someone pulling up and deciding not to view the inside of your home. Take the time to make sure your lawn is properly mowed and hedged. Spend some time getting rid of those pesky weeds in any landscaped areas. If it’s within your budget, consider adding some flower beds or other greenery to brighten up the yard.

4. Clean!
This seems like an obvious tip, but giving your home a deep clean not only removes years of grime, but also gives your home a fresh scent. After years of cooking, pet odor, and dirt, the interior of your home could likely use a good cleaning. Focus on often-missed areas like baseboards, cabinet interiors, blinds, and grout, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

5. Declutter the home’s interior.
Most home buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in a home, but that can be hard to do with someone else’s belongings covering every square inch of the home. We recommend boxing up unused items for donations and removing personal items like baby toys or family photos. If you’re looking for a large-scale decluttering, head to tip #6. [Related: Decluttering Your Late Parent’s Home]

6. Hold an estate sale with Stress Free Estates.
If you’ve got a home filled to the brim with things you don’t want any more or won’t fit in your new home, call Stress Free Estates to find out about our estate sale services. We can host a sale for your housewares, furniture, clothing and more. Not interested in hosting a sale? We also offer estate buyout services!

Do you have questions about liquidating your Tampa Bay or Sarasota estate in order to prepare your older home for sale? Send us a few photos of your home furnishings via text to 727.686.5491 or email