5 Mid-Century Furniture Designers You Should Know (And Love)

The mid-century modern time period produced some of the most widely recognized furniture to date. Many mid century furniture designers that were producing furniture during the 1950s-1970s are still highly sought after today. Do you have one of these gems in your home?Many of these designs continue to influence high-end furniture being produced today and have remained relevant and timeless.

Below is a list of just five of the many influential mid century furniture designers. Stay tuned for Part II.

Milo Baughman 
(pronounced Bawfmann)
OneMilo-Baughman, mid century furniture designer of the most commonly misattributed mid century furniture designers. Baughman is known for his work in chrome and rich upholstery fabrics, produced throughout the late 1940s-1970s. Baughman designed furniture for over 60 years, designing primarily for Thayer Coggin. Milo Baughman was formally recognized and inducted into the Furniture Designer’s Hall of Fame in 1987, but you can still find some of his pieces in production today. Whether you find his furniture in museums around the world or in your living room, this is one not to miss. [Wikipedia: Milo Baughman]


Adrian PearsallAdrian Pearsall, mid century furniture designer
Known for his work with walnut, American designer Adrian Pearsall has made some recognizable designs during his time. As the founder of Craft Associates, Pearsall created notable designs like the gondola sofa, “jacks” table, and high-back lounge chairs during the 1950s-1970s. If you like furniture with geometric shapes and walnut wood frames, Pearsall might be a perfect fit. [See Furniture: Adrian Pearsall]

Charles and Ray Eames
Charles and Ray Eames, mid century furniture designers
If there is one design from the mid century period that almost everyone recognizes, it is the Eames chair. The bentwood frame, supple leather, and matching ottoman have become a staple for any mid century modern  home. Husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames produced groundbreaking furniture from the 1940s-late 1970s. With more innovative designs than you can count, the Eames’ have brought us some of the greatest furniture of the period. [Wikipedia: Charles and Ray Eames]


Finn Juhl
Finn Juhl, mid century furniture designers
Many credit Finn Juhl for bringing Danish furniture designs to America. After he came to the U.S. From the 1930s-1970s, he produced countless designs that are still extremely sought after and replicated today. Much of his work consists of free-form and floating elements, such as chairs that have open frames. You can find a large selection of his works at museums around the world, but also in vintage furniture shops like Furnish Me Vintage, where they can be properly restored and enjoyed for years to come. [See Restored Chairs: Finn Juhl]

Heywood Wakefield
Heywood Wakefield, mid century furniture designers
Originally started back in the 1820s, Heywood Wakefield has become synonymous with mid century modern furniture design. It wasn’t until the 1940s that this American-owned company really gained prominence in the furniture world. Made from solid wood, the designs are easily recognizable with their rounded corners, large feet, and signature furniture finish. While this furniture is still in production today, finding vintage pieces can boost your collection and add charm to any mid century modern home. [See Heywood Wakefield Furniture For Sale: Heywood Wakefield]

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