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If you would like to your sell mid-century modern or retro furniture from your home or estate, we are here to make liquidating your used furniture easy.

In many cases, we eliminate the need for selling on Craigslist or having strangers over for yard sales. Our professionals provide clients with great offers, cash in hand and will have items removed in one simple transaction.

mid century modern furniture

Stress Free Estates co-owner, Jackie, picking up mid-century modern furniture from a St.Petersburg client.

What Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

We are looking to buy Danish furniture, teak furniture, Scandinavian furniture, mid century modern furniture, retro furniture, and vintage furniture, lighting and art from the 1950s-1980s. We are looking for designer pieces, unusual, artistic, and historic. Our partner company, restores mid-century modern and vintage furniture, so poor condition doesn’t always take your item out of the running for cash in hand.

See the links below for additional information on identifying mid-century modern furniture:

How To Sell My Mid-Century Modern Furniture 

Text photos to 727.490.8721 or email info
We can buy entire lots or individual pieces. 

  • Name and phone number
  • Photos.
  • List the items you are selling. (example: round, teak dining table with five dining chairs)
  • Location
  • Condition specifics – Are there notable scratches, chips, broken or repaired parts, is the piece from a smoking home or home with pets?
  • Your asking price

Get Paid For Leads on Mid-Century Modern Furniture
You: ”Hello, I’m at a yard sale with a mid-century credenza. Address is…..”. If we go to that yard sale and purchase that credenza, you get paid! Call or text us at (727) 490-8721 if you have got a tip.

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