How Does An Estate Sale Work?

If you are cleaning out your home or a relative’s estate, chances are you have years of items to go through. You may not know where to start when it comes to decluttering a houseful of items. An estate sale is a great option for those who may not know the value of their items or are looking for someone else to come in and kick-start the process from start to finish. Stress Free Estates does everything from estate buyouts and liquidations to purchasing just a few individual items. 

Estate Sale Process

An estate sale is when a company comes in and either buys all of your belongings (or a select few) or the company comes in and hosts a sale of all the items in your home. Each item is individually priced based on value. The public can come into your home and buy items ranging from pots and pans to books, clothing, furniture and more. Estate sales are commonly used when a loved one passes away, a family is downsizing or moving long distances. [Related: How to Sell a Florida Home from Out of State]

Getting Started

To get started with Stress Free Estates, call for a free consultation. This consultation can help you determine whether you have enough for an entire estate sale or if you may just have a few select items of value that could be sold. [Related: About Free Consultations]

Clearing Out Contents

Once you’ve determined your method for selling, clear out anything in the home that is most obviously trash, ready to donate, or items that you want to keep. After that, Stress Free Estates will come in and prep your items for the sale. From pricing to arranging and displaying items, to ringing up all the transactions and donating the remaining items to local charities or thrift stores. [Related: Guide to De-Cluttering]

So, what is Stress Free Estates looking for? If you live in the Tampa Bay area, from St. Petersburg all the way to Wesley Chapel or Lutz, we can help with your estate sale needs. We offer buyout options for those in a hurry or can host an estate sale for clients that may be long-distance or have a very large selection of items.

We look for homes with high-quality furniture, jewelry, home décor, clothing, and more. Our sister company, Furnish Me Vintage, is the nation’s largest mid-century modern furniture store  and specializes in refurbishing vintage furniture to make it look new, so even the items you think may have years of wear are perfect for Stress Free Estates. [Related: 5 Mid Century Modern Furniture Designers You Should Know…]