Cash Out on Collectors Items (hiding in your home)

Finally cleaning out the attic and sorting through old junk? Don’t be so quick to discard items – you could have valuable collectors items (that could sell for a lot) hiding in your home or estate.

PRO TIP: Find collectors in your area to get top dollar for your home’s treasures.

collectors items

Coin collections, if done right, can be extremely valuable to collectors. Websites like
Coin Community are dedicated to helping people locate specific coins and assign value. Consider having your collection appraised before you sell.

You may not think stamp collecting is very exciting, but these collections can fetch large sums. Even if you don’t have a large collections, collectors may be interested in individual stamps so check your childhood stamp book and see what you’ve got.

Comic books
Collectors may not be interested in your worn out copies of current comics, but if you’ve kept some in good shape, there may be a market out there for you. Check your selection for lesser known titles and see what they’re worth.

Coke bottles
Coca-Cola has changed their look over time, and if you’ve kept the bottles (even better if they’re unopened) they could be of interest to collectors.

Vinyl Records & Record Players
Have a stack of vinyls? Our sister company, Furnish Me Vintage resells vinyl records and we would like to take a look at your collection. Vintage items like vinyl records are making a huge comeback as artwork. Not so iconic records are usually sold in bulk to dealers but if you have an iconic record from the Beatles, Michael Jackson or others – you could make a pretty penny. Functional, vintage record player owners are also cashing out on the trend for nostalgic pieces.

Mid Century Furniture
Think you might have an authentic mid century modern furniture piece on hand? Many mid century furniture pieces are rare and selling them can result in a sizeable cash out. We buy mid century modern furniture, vintage home furnishings and can even clear out your entire estate. Get in touch with us to inquire further. [Related: 5 Mid-Century Furniture Designers You Should Know (And Love)]

We rarely think of toys as an investment but selling some of your childhood favorites could pave the way for a vacation or sweet addition to your savings. [Related: 27 Toys You Threw Out That Are Worth a Fortune Now via Buzzfeed]

Depending on what you have, you collection may be more valuable if sold as a whole. If you don’t have a large collection, do your research before selling to see what breaking up your set would do for the value. If your items are rare, you may fetch a higher price from those collectors desperate to finish their collection.

Recently inherited a collection you are unfamiliar with? Call Stress Free Estates to help you determine the value of your items or for a quick liquidation.